Pros and Cons of Ocean Freight & Air Freight

When it comes to shipping goods to another state or country, the widely-chosen options are Air Freight and Ocean Freight. Being a logistics company in Dubai, we have helped many businesses to move goods via air and ocean. If you are into importing and exporting, you might feel confused about which mode to choose, especially when you are new to it. 

In this blog, we briefly explain the pros and cons of Air Freight and Sea Freight. This will give you a clear picture of both modes and get rid of the confusion when you want to choose one the next time you want to ship goods. 

Let’s get started.

Air Freight

Pros of Air Freight

  • Air freight shipping is the fastest among good transportation modes. 
  • Strong security at Airports helps to safeguard all the goods. 
  • When compared with other modes, the time of arrival and departure are reliable. 
  • With this mode, you could transport goods to farther locations within relatively less time. 
  • Air freight boasts more than a 90% success rate. 
  • It’s easy to track your cargo. 

Cons of Air Freight

  • It’s the most costly form of shipping since it takes less time for transportation, and the goods are more secure. 
  • Compared to Sea freight, the cargo capacity is low. 
  • Cargo cannot be sent in certain weather conditions. 
  • Some types of goods can’t be transported, especially those goods that have hazardous nature. 
  • The carbon footprints of airplanes are comparatively high.

Sea Freight

Pros of Sea Freight

  • Compared with Air freight shipping, transporting goods via sea is economical, especially for long-distance shipping. 
  • Ship freight shipping allows you to transport large goods since the space in a ship is vast. 
  • Sea freight shipping is a relatively environment-friendly option and leaves fewer carbon footprints since the gas emission is low.
  • The success rate of goods transportation is just as good as Air freight shipping with a 90%+ rate. 
  • With Sea freight shipping, it’s possible to transport goods of hazardous nature. It also has regulations to protect the vessel when such goods are transported. 

Cons of Sea Freight

  • Time consumption for Sea freight is higher than Ocean freight shipping. 
  • In adverse weather conditions, the shipment can get delayed. 
  • The goods are likely to incur damage when compared with Air freight shipping. However, the occurrence of damage is not frequent. 


Long story short, if you need to ship your goods within a short period, opt for Air freight. However, the cost will be a tad higher. Now, if you are okay if the goods reach some days to reach the destination, Sea freight shipping would suffice. Sea freight also fares better when considering environmental hazards. 

In other words, both modes have their own advantages and disadvantages. We suggest you opt for one mode according to your needs. 

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