5 Top Logistics Mistakes We Always Avoid

As you know, mistakes can be costly, and the story is the same when it comes to the Logistics industry also.

Be it a minor or major mistake, businesses can incur huge losses. While it can invite monetary losses, it could also disrupt the functioning and rhythm of a business. 

Hence, at Freighbrid, we understand what those losses mean to your business, and strive to avoid mistakes. 

Dive in to see the mistakes we avoid.

1. Failing to Keep Up With Technological Advancements

Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), IoT and whatnot. Technology is thriving and is continuing to evolve. The Integration of technology has become common in the logistics industry, making it easy to track shipments, update customers on the shipments, manage warehouse activities, select the best route and more. 

However, not all logistics companies upgrade the technologies they leverage. Using outdated technologies reduces the efficiency of logistic operations and ultimately, affects businesses big time. 

How We Avoid This

At Freighbrid, we are hungry to smoothen our operations as good as it gets and to that end, we make sure our technology is one of the latest ones. We are always on the lookout for technological advancements and research as a part of it. This helps us keep up with the technology updates and upgrade accordingly. 

2. Improper Demand Forecasting & Risk Identification

Just shipping the goods isn’t the only activity in logistics. Logistics companies should be able to track the goods, manage the warehouse efficiently, decide how much load should be sent in one go, forecast the demands, recognise risk and more. 

Failing to forecast the demand and identify the risk can make it difficult to streamline supply chain management and control costs. Ultimately, it can take a toll on your business. 

How We Avoid This

At Freighbrid, we integrate EDI and Intelligent route planning. This helps us to estimate the trend and demand in the supply chain in advance and take preventive measures to avoid major risk factors.

3. Sub-standard Packaging

Sufficed to say, high-quality packaging is imperative to protect goods and keep them intact. Sadly, many logistic companies cut the corners when it comes to packaging to cut down costs. Obviously, this can potentially damage the goods and ironically, cost them even more. Most importantly, that affects the client’s business. 

Freighbrid is not one of those companies indeed. We take good care of our client’s goods and ensure they reach their destination in the perfect form.

How We Avoid This

Firstly, we use boxes to protect the goods. On top of that, we wrap the box intricately. This ensures the goods are safe. Also, we apply labels like ‘fragile’ in case the goods need extra care. 

4. Failing to Develop the Employees

Be it any company, keeping the employees motivated and duly appreciating them for their work is extremely important. This not only makes the company prolific but also improves employee loyalty and more, which reduces the staff turnover rate. When they develop, the company also develops. And, they need to be kept motivated to develop.

Unfortunately, many logistic companies don’t realise it. This means, these companies aren’t going to get the best productivity from the employees, which in turn, affects the quality of the service they provide. 

How We Avoid This

For us, our staff is our asset. 

First of all, we give them proper guidance and training. This enables them to carry out their job the right way. Secondly, we pay them fairly, which keeps them happy, and they deserve that. 

Furthermore, we appreciate them for their efforts and then there is promotion according to the performance. In short, we make them feel valued. This paves the way to better performance, commitment and loyalty.

5. Recording Incorrect Address

This is one of the common mistakes logistic companies make. Recording the address might seem an easy job, but it requires care because a teeny weeny error is enough to land the shipment at the wrong address. However, logistics companies make this mistake amid the hustle and bustle. 

Even a spelling error in the address or a minor change in the door number or Pincode is enough to make delivery chaotic. 

How We Avoid This

There is nothing special we do here other than cross-checking the address mindfully when we record it in the bill of lading. Our team ignites their attention-to-details trait when they enter the address. This way, we keep mistakes in check.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, these are the top mistakes logistics companies usually do, and we avoid. Refraining from these mistakes is one of the reasons why many businesses trust us with logistics management. We could help your business as well with the logistics operations and streamline them. 

Freighbrid is a multimodal logistics company in Dubai, UAE providing even international freight forwarding. From small containers to break bulk cargo, we help businesses ship their goods and ensure their logistics operations are smooth. We are eyeing becoming the best logistics company in Dubai. Contact us to learn how we can streamline your warehouse management and logistics.